Was spricht sich in den Schlafphasen des Menschen aus?

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2010, 2010

What is expressed in a person’s sleeping phases?

Whereas contemporary psychologists and philosophers puzzle over whether there is any such thing as 'consciousness', sleep researchers are in surprising agreement that the human being daily passes through three different forms of consciousness: waking, sleeping, dreaming. But just as… read more

Cosmic trees and chronobiology Potentials for innovative scientific research and bio-compatible applications

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2006, 2006

Cosmic trees and chronobiology. Potentials for innovative scientific research and bio-compatible applications

By analogy with mythical world or cosmic trees, which show common elements despite their different origins, for more than two thousand years certain forestry practices and rules regarding tree management and felling have been… read more

Jahresrhythmus und Schilddrüsenfunktion unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Morbus Basedow

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2004, 2004

Annual rhythm and thyroid function with particular reference to Grave’s disease

Turning points in the biological year are not identical to those of the cosmic-geophysical year. The ascending half of the biological year (February to August) is marked by an ergotropic tendency for vegetatively autonomous regulation. Correspondingly, in… read more

Chronobiologische Aspekte der Schmerzempfindung

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2004, 2004

Chronobiological aspects of pain sensation

It has been known for a long time that sensation of pain shows large variations. The first systematic investigations were carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. Principally, pain intensity can be influenced by sensitivity changes of the nociceptors in peripheral tissue and by… read more

»Studieren Sie die Rhythmen«- zum Gedenken an Gunther Hildebrandt

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2004, 2004

Chronobiologie ist Ätherforschung

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2003, 2003

Chronobiology is etheric research

Research on the etheric world easily leads to evasive methods: to chemically and physically controlled laboratory experiments on dead substances or to psychological formulation of the concepts. The first method tries to objectify the etheric world; the second subjectifies it. The etheric world, however… read more

Morphologische und physiologische Mosaikbildungen in den Familien Loranthaceae und Viscaceae

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2003, 2003

Development of morphological and physiological mosaics in the Loranthaceae and Viscaceae families

The histories of development of N nytsia flor'ibunda and Viscum album are compared. Both plant species show»morphological«penetrations called mosaics.

N uytsia floribzmda develops a morphological mosaic by penetration of root and… read more

Neue klinische Befunde zur reaktiven Zirkaseptanperiodik

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2000, 2000

Tagesrhythmik der Thermoregulation

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2000, 2000