Die Rolle der Viren in Evolution und Medizin

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2019, 2019

Modern genome sequencings have shown that the one-sided view we have taken so far that viruses are parasitic, pathogenic toxic entities needs to be fundamentally corrected. From the perspective of systems science, the viruses as a whole (virosphere) serve as the conveying medium of a global, genetic communication between organisms. The genomes… read more

Zur anthroposophischen Jugendpsychiatrie

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2014, 2014

Anthroposophical adolescent psychiatry: why some young people harm themselves and others become violent

Based on the background of threefolding of the human organism (Steiner 1917), of the first medical course (Steiner 1920) and of the curative education course (Steiner 1924), the self-harm and external violence that are characteristic… read more

Gicht und Rheumatismus aus psychosomatisch-anthroposophischer Perspektive

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2013, 2013

Gout and rheumatism from a psychosomatic-anthroposophical perspective

The introduction of imaging procedures in radiology has provoked not only questions by the general public about the human 'I', and about the self-knowledge and freedom of will of the human being, but has also shaken internal medicine, and rheumatology in particular.… read more

Die Dreigliederung in der Arznei-Therapie

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2012, 2012

Threefolding in medical therapy

The threefolding of the human being, the central basis of anthroposophical medicine, is presented in outline. From its anatomical, physiological and psychological aspects, the pharmaceutical requirements and therapeutic possibilities of medicines developed by Rudolf Steiner are indicated and clarified.… read more

Anthroposophische Medizin - eine Annäherung

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2009, 2009

In the European medical tradition there are basically two therapeutic procedures: 1) the substitution procedure; 2) the stimulus procedure.

The substitution procedure gives the diseased organism what is missing: for example hormone replacement for hormone deficiency (hormone replacement therapy in diabetes or the menopause), replacement… read more

Zur anthroposophischen Menschenkunde der Krebskrankheit

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2008, 2008

An anthroposophical perspective on human cancer

In the eighties of the last century it was realised that cancer is more than just a formless mass of proliferating cells. Ian Folkman discovered that blood vessels from the apparently healthy surroundings of the tumour grow into it, without which an increase in the diameter of the tumour… read more

Beiträge der klinischen Rhythmusforschung zur therapeutischen Physiologie

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2001, 2001

Contributions of clinical rhythm research to therapeutic physiology

In the controversy between different medical approaches (conventional, alternative etc.), dogmatically holding to one’s own position is as unproductive as polemical attacks on the approaches of others.

In clinical chronobiology and chronomedicine there is… read more

Der Fuß, die menschlichste Gliedmaße

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2001, 2001

The foot - the most human limb

Physical support and movement are basic functions of the foot in standing and walking, demonstrating the action of gravity and metamorphosed sunlight as the energy source for all active body movements. Calcium is a substance with a special relation to gravity and bone. ln relation to phosphorus/calcium… read more

Zum Verhältnis von anthroposophischer Medizin und biochemischer Forschung

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 1995, 1995