Die Chinarinde und das atavistische Wesen des Malaria-Erregers

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2015, 2015

It appears that humanity has always suffered from malaria. The disease has already taken countless lives. The early reports of malaria infection come from the 'yellow' Emperor Huang Ti (2700 BC). Only later was the connection between malaria and the spleen discovered. Tutenkamun is said to have suffered from malaria. According to the most… read more

Substanz-Veränderung durch Strömungsprozesse

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2007, 2007

Substance changes by flow processes

The authors discuss this subject that was introduced by R. Steiner in 1920 for processing a pharmaceutical preparation from Viscum album.

In Part 1, the origin of the need for flow processing of mistletoe preparations is reported insofar as it can be traced back to lectures and recorded… read more

Die Brunnenkresse als Heilpflanze - ein Versuch der Heilmittelfindung

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 1995, 1995

Zur Pharmakologie dreier Disteln: Mariendistel, Eselsdistel und Benediktendistel

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 1987, 1987