Cup-and-Ring Marks

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2023, 2023

This study examines the phenomenon of the so-called »cup-and-ring marked rocks« from the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age, as they occur particularly in Scotland and on the Atlantic fringe of Western Europe. This research report has its focus on their aesthetic ef- fects. A phenomenology of their appearance is worked out by starting with the… read more

The human I-organisation and the silicic process

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2021, 2021

While the image of the hard transparent hexagonal prisms of rock crystal (quartz) suffices to illustrate the general role of silicic acid in the human organism, other aspects can contribute to a differentiated understanding of the distribution and dynamics of silicic acid in relation to the human I-organisation, self-consciousness and warmth.… read more

Menschheitsgeschichte und Geisteswissenschaft. Notizen Rudolf Steiners zur Geologie und Paläontologie (1900–1908)

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2021, 2021

In a series of articles in the journal Lucifer-Gnosis, which were later summarized under the title »Aus der Akasha-Chronik« (»From the Akashic Chronicle«), RUDOLF STEINER, starting in 1904, made statements about earlier states of the earth and mankind, which thematically and terminologically followed the works of HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKYS (»… read more

Geist ist im Menschen Eigenwille und Mitgefühl

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2021, 2021

The consideration presented here begins with Rudolf Steiner's theory of the senses, which, using the example of the sense of touch, shows that the participation of the self-will must be perceived in the experience of touching, if the result of touching is to be objective. This exemplifies that the epistemological investigation of the sensorial… read more

Was ist Selbstbewusstsein? Gefühl und Wille als Rätsel des Menschen

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2017, 2017

The threefold nature of the human being and the universe is by far the most fruitful idea of anthroposophy because it opens the possibility of grasping the soul being of the human being in its dependence on both the physical and the spiritual world. But deploying this idea fruitfully presents at the same time greater difficulties than do most… read more

Das Gemüt als Pforte zur Menschenwürde

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2015, 2015

The mind as a door to human dignity

Modern philosophy regards the 'phenomenal' consciousness of the human being as the biggest obstacle to a naturalistic (Le. unified physical, or, put more simply, materialistic) explanation of human consciousness. But such an 'explanation' cannot be sustained without first making a phenomenological… read more

Die Sinnlichkeit des Menschen

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 2014, 2014

The sensoriality of man. The body as an instrument of the self‘s free orientation to the world

In search of a clear distinction between 'sensoriality' and 'desire' in man, our course leads past the traditional rejection of 'sensoriality' by the main religions of the world, and past the unclarity of popular concepts. From there it… read more

Nachruf zum Tod von Prof. Dr. med. G. Hildebrandt

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 1999, 1999

Probleme der tagesrhythmischen Synchronisation und Umsynchronisation

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 1999, 1999

Der biologische Jahresrhythmus des Menschen

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus 1998, 1998